For the Beauty of the Earth

Our second CD is dedicated to increasing awareness and inspiring action that will preserve all the magnificent life on Earth. You will hear Native American music, pop melodies, nature songs, Broadway tunes and even whale song. Each work is reflective of our mission, and of course the packaging is environmentally friendly. 1,000 CDs were donated to UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of remaining CDs will go to an international children's charity.

1. Ancient Mother

2. The Earth is Our Mother

3. I Will Be Earth

4. This We Know

5. Walk On a Rainbow Trail

6. The Blue Eye of God

7. Where Have all the Forests Gone?

8. Butterfly

9. As My Eyes Search

10. All Winter Long

11. Room To Grow

12. This Pretty Planet

13. For the Children

14. Falling Leaves

15. I Am But a Small Voice

16. Come To My Garden

17. The Greatest Love of All

18. In Our Hands

19. For the Beauty of the Earth