Let Us Be United

We hope you will enjoy this collection of wonderful songs from ten countries, all favorites of World Children's Choir singers. The singers range in age from five to seventeen. Let Us Be United was released to celebrate the World Children's Choir Seventeenth Anniversary Season, and WCC's new program, Music at the Heart of Literacy, that provides free cultural activities for children age 8 - 12 from financially disadvantaged families living in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Sondra Harnes, WCC Founder/Artistic Director

This wonderful collection of international folk songs, classical vocal repertoire, and inspirational songs is filled with an engaging variety of style, mood, and message. These songs from many lands, in many languages, are filled with the sheer joy of being alive and of being able to celebrate life together. In these songs, the children share the stories and the truths that remind us that inside we are all the same.

James Selway, WCC Associate Director

1. Let Us Be United

2. Awa Awa Awa

3. Siyahamba

4. Over the Sea to Skye

5. Marienwurmchen

6. O Pastorelle Addio

7. The Nightingale

8. Las Amarillas

9. Beau Soir

10. Burang Kakak Tua

11. Sakura

12. Al Shlosha D'varim

13. Kookaburra

14. Tafta Hindy

15. Zajata

16. Alma Llanera

17. Comin' Through the Rye

18. I'm Goin' Up a Yonder

19. Kalinka

20. Where Blossoms Bloom

21. Engenho Novo

22. La Revedere

23. May There Always Be Sunshine

24. The Gift of Love

25. One Song