We Must Dream

"For me the music on this recording is uplifting and encouraging in the truest sense of the words. It recalls the feeling I get standing on a mountain summit after a breathless climb - at once euphoric and contemplative."

Catharine Gibson, VA

Featuring the beautiful voices of the World Children's Choir and Harnes Selway Arts performing songs by James Selway that were recorded in live concerts 2001- 2004.
Release Date: December 1, 2004

James Selway, WCC Associate Director

1. We Must Dream

2. Now is the Time

3. Butterfly Shell

4. It's the Little Things

5. My Heart Sings

6. A World of Love

7. Dancing in the Light

8. Morning Light

9. Dreamsong

10. A Magic Place

11. Together We Can Change the World

12. The Peace of Christmas

13. Love Makes the Angels Sing

14. The Angels' Lullaby

15. Our Hearts Can Soar